You Just Need to Believe

 In South America
My first trip to South America was quite unexpected. The office called one day and said:
– Pack your stuff, we need you in South America.
I was not sure what to expect. At that time, I never thought about going to South America. Europe was still my number 1. Once there, It was love at first sight…and you know how that is. You don’t plan it, it just happens out of the blue. And it strikes you hard. It hits every single bone of your body. I used every minute of my free time to go out and experience real life: ridding public buses & subways, eating street food (even the one I usually don’t eat), chatting with locals, sharing their mate(local drink). I hiked the mountains, saw a whale for the first time in my life, danced tango on the street, listened fado, cried and laughed and felt so alive. It was my last day in BA when I promised I will come back. I had no clue how it will happen. Shortly after that promise, while on a bus, I met Mickey & Kennily. As my husband Mickey would say :
– The Universe has its own way, you just need to believe!
My fifth South America season is about to start. I am honored and blessed to be able to show you this beautiful land.
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