South America
Wildlife Adventures

For true lovers of pure wilderness, be ready to explore the remotest parts of South America.

Land Of Fire, Argenitina

Dramatic landscapes and jagged mountains are a magnet for wildlife lovers. At the end of the world, visit an island where only penguins and skuas live. This tour is ideal for photographers, birdwatchers, and wildlife enthusiasts. The full-day adventure explores a remote and untouched part of Tierra del Fuego and gives you the opportunity to walk among three species of penguin.

Patagonian Wildlife Quest, Argentina

Take the road less traveled. Journey a few miles from Peninsula Valdes to a beautiful ranch  that sits across Golf Nuevo. Learn about Patagonian wildlife, get up close and personal with penguins, and enjoy a traditional Patagonian lunch.

Snorkeling / Diving with Sea, Argentina

Grab your underwater camera and be ready for a very unique experience. Swimming with sealion is fun! Snorkeling and diving gear is provided.

Walk with Kings, Falklands

Imagine an island where you can hang out with king penguins. Picture a place where the silence can be broken only by the sound of the sea or a bird call. Our 4×4 safari will take you to the pristine reaches of the island  where the largest breeding group of king penguins lives.

Expand Your Adventure

Expend your adventure with some of our land packages.
From Iguazu Falls to Galapagos Islands, we will take care of all details of your journey.

Iguazu Falls

Machu Picchu


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