by Sea

Packed with wildlife and jaw-dropping scenery, Alaska will paint your memories for many years to come.

From whale watching and bear search to seaplane rides over the glaciers,
a trip to Alaska is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Choose your favorite cruise line, and we will create the package based on your interests, activity level, and budget.

Alaska Northern Glacier Cruise from Vancouver

Start your cruise from beautiful Vancouver and relive the journey James Cook took 250 years ago. From jumping humpbacks and cuddly grizzlies to glacier flights and hikes, Skitara will create your unique Alaskan adventure. The grand finale of the cruise is the magnificent Hubbard Glacier. Get your cameras ready and don’t miss this astonishing sight. Once your cruise is over, the adventure continues! Explore the Kenai Peninsula and head to Denali National Park.

Alaska Southern Glacier Cruise

Denali, Katmai, and Kenai are waiting for you! Start your adventure by exploring the interior of Alaska. Once your cruise starts, it is time to get up close and personal with the most famous residents of Southeast Alaska: humpback whales and bears. A trip to Alaska is not complete without touching the ice. From glacier hikes to glacier flights, this icy adventure will never cease to astonish you.

Alaska Cruise, Round Trip from Vancouver or Seattle

For those who crave the wilderness but don’t have too much time, our round trip from Vancouver or Seattle is a perfect solution. Meet the first people of Alaska—the Tlingit—and learn more about their history and culture. Whales, bears, and ice will be on the agenda for this busy and exciting week.

Alaska – Beyond Ordinary

Go beyond 66°33’ N and discover the remotest parts of Alaska! Sail from very North (Nome), meet glaciers and whales and enjoy the Inside passage of Alaska and Canada . From polar water to dazzling Vancouver this is un ultimate Alaska adventure.

Expand Your Adventure


Every summer, humpback whales come to Alaska to feed on the nutrient-rich waters. On this tour, you will have the chance to spot humpback whales and orcas in beautiful Alaskan waters. Come and join us on our small boats for an incredible show: breaching, tail lobbing and peck slapping. A great time is guaranteed!

Ice Ice Baby

Experience magnificent glaciers by hiking or canoeing. For a more exclusive experience, join us for the helicopter ride, land on the top of the glacier, and enjoy this unique experience. From dog sledding to glacier treks, your time on the ice will be unforgettable!


Step in to the pristine wilderness where you will have a chance to see these giants in their natural environment. All our bear search tours are perfectly tailored for all lovers of pure wilderness.

Fishing In Alaska